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ugh lets see i guess i will write an let u all in my business now...… - Me, Myself, & I [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 17th, 2005|08:23 pm]
ugh lets see i guess i will write an let u all in my business now... well to start off nicky poo came home on saturday night but talked to me on sunday so i talked to him from like 11 30 till whenever i fell asleep. i kinda waited for him to fall asleep tho cuz it helps me fall asleep. neways so i didnt talk to him yesterday (monday) cept online. an before i talked to him i was talking to nathan an i started crying an throwing things like i was having a temper tantrum but i wasnt screaming cept when my mom asked me what was wrong. an i cried for at least 6 hours total my eyes were sooo puffy. i kinda have a little reason y i think i did that. i really dont want nick to go i want him to stay i want him to come visit me.but thats not happening.

promises r broken
along with hearts
goals get crushed
u walk all over me
i cant stop u
just keep walking baby
if thats what u want
i'll lay right here
an support ur bare feet
from ever touching the ground

ughhhh i dont know whats wrong w/ me now i cant even write a good fucking poem! maybe its cuz its on here i dont like sharing them really... cept for nick i wrote him a lot. neways yea well i dunno in gym today i started crying an i dont know why cuz everyone was asking about nick like always everyone always does it kinda hurts cuz it reminds me of all the stuff that kills me about me an him an ugh its just so hard.

my momma told me about my app. its on thursday an its at 9 30 i dont have to change for gym or nuthing so yea well i am probably gonna miss group too... which sucks. i dont want to keep tlakimg to different ppl about this. i want it to be my business an whos i decide to let in.

now u know what i dont so i hope yall r happy my summer is crashing down before its even here

i might as well drop everything an go to laguna mar! no sorry thats my honey moon

[User Picture]From: monotas2000
2005-05-18 02:23 am (UTC)
there's nutin wrong with you
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