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[May. 24th, 2005|08:20 pm]
OK! im hyper on the outside but dead on the inside well i need to write but im gonna do the 10 friends thing. haha i probably dont even have that many! neways im gonna explain it so ppl dont feel blonde like i did neways yea im gonna write about 10 of my friends w/ out saying their name an u gotta guess which one is u.....

1. I've only known you for about 3 years. But we get along great. laugh all the time an never want to stop talking to each other! you are one of my bessst friends. an in ur words i know u better than ur mom does which is kinda really cool! u always know what to say when im down an even when i am i always smile at the sound of ur voice.i love u! muahss!

2. awwww friends forever an always right? i wish i could help u out more! ur the best person i look up to u soo much! ur soo pretty an smart even if u dont think so u r. i love doing things for ur birthday cuz they always turn out crazy! haha love u butt!!!

3. R.I.P. hun

4. yea we go off an on so its kinda hard to write this right now, but ill try my best. neways i have been able to tell u lots of stuff that hasnt been out an sometimes no i take that back most of the time u called me a whore an what not but at the same time its funny. i cant to go to ny! its gonna be a blast! hahahah yea no more texting! love ya!

5. haha u dont even read this but w/e... we have so much fun when we hang out its not even funny well it is jk! well yea u r wayy to hyper in the mornings! well thats a good thing cuz u started off my day great! i know i can be really open w/ u an it feels good to have a friend like u! we need to hang out soon! but no more bon fires! love ya!

6.awwww 3rd grade memories oh what fun. haha that one day we stayed in from rescess an we were doing a fanshion show an we were just walking that was soo funn! yea we need to hang out an im soo sad u cant come w/ me an whoever is going this summer but maybe me an u will have a little trip by ourseleves! haha love ya!

7. ive known u for a very short time but we just clicked as friends. its really easy to trust u cuz u cant really tell anyone nething. an ur just too good of a friend like that to do that.we have so many inside jokes that no one will ever get. haha cept when U get in trouble for them. well yea! love ya!

8.my bestttesttt buddddy! ugh i miss u sooo much i so wish u can come this summer an if u cant i will cry! i really hope u can move in w/ ur mom also! we have been getting so close since the last couple times i have seen u an i dont want it to stop! i really miss u so much! if u dont come see me im coming an seeing u! ok well ill call u later! love ya!

9. wow we have gotten to become really good friends an im soo happy that we r! i cant wait for this summer! an i really want to see those pics! im really glad i went thankk u so much fo bringing me!!!! i love u so much never change ur a great person! cant wait for ny!!! ya baby! love ya!

10. you dont read this but, for a while now we have became close an i really like that! i love u so much! i wish i could help u out w/ all ur problems an all. i will see u at group! an in the locker room when i do ur belly button!!!!!! yay!!! i love ya!

yay im done that was kinda hard tho lol neways yea guess away my little puppets! no im jk. neways yea im off like the wizard of oz!!!

[User Picture]From: monotas2000
2005-05-25 01:43 am (UTC)
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