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ok well lets see whats going on w/ trisha? well nick came back home… - Me, Myself, & I [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 22nd, 2005|07:37 pm]
ok well lets see whats going on w/ trisha? well nick came back home on sun. an we talked an all an he left again weds. night i miss him so much. but hes coming back soon an when he does hes supposed to come see me. but yea an i went to the doc on thurs. an they put me on prosak? is that how u spell it? well its an anti depressant, an its kinda complicated but yea we wont go into that. neways yea an than i bridged for gs. an it was cute lol. last night i went to iones dance it was kinda weird at first but than once everyone started danceing an all it was really fun! but i didnt slow dance w/ anyone which was perfectly ok. i stould at the side an watched everyone slow dance. an all i could think about was nick an me. an all those times but im not gonna explain it cuz its between us. an i almost started to cry but thank god another song came on cuz i was so close to crying. but yea my feet hurt so bad after that an it was so late when we left. well it was an interesting night. cuz i found out that one of my kinda close long time friends is bisexual. she kinda didnt even tell me tho she was like u know im bisexual right? an i was like yea ok. it was kinda a shocker but than again i kinda had a feeling ya know? neways about an hour before the dance i decided i wanted to dye my hair cuz my mom bought it for me but it was the highlight stuff but well i just kinda put it in my hair like regualr hair dye.well that wasnt a really good idea cuz when me an allie took it out an washed it out......... i was bleach blonde! an still am! it kinda looks ok the hair itself but it makes me look really pale so i guess at this moment in time make up is my best friend so i dont look pale as i am. so yea well thats about it for today so yea peace out yall an dont laugh at my hair! u gonna ugh love it?

[User Picture]From: monotas2000
2005-05-23 01:01 am (UTC)
fun shiat, i wanna laugh at your hair, i mean.......i wouldn't laugh
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