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yea well today i was in math (my new fav class) an yea me an yoji… - Me, Myself, & I [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 12th, 2005|11:30 am]
[music |toma -pitbull]

yea well today i was in math (my new fav class) an yea me an yoji were talking an yea it was all cool an he was just looking at me an than all a sudden the fucking fire alarams start going off i jumped so high! an ugh! yea well than we walked out there an i was walking w/ kristen an yoji was infront of us an it was funny i was like "yoji if u werent smoking in the bathroom this wouldnt be happeneing!" an he looked at like huh? an i was like w/e shut up neways yea an so it was flipping raining an i had to stand right where the overhang goes away so of course theres rain coming in from the side an than the big drips from the overhang i was like this sucks! neways yea well im kinda pissed cuz i didnt charge my phone last night an it just died an so now i cant turn it on at all! ugh! i might as well put it in my locker but than again so many ppl know my combo so i will just keep it in my purse. so yea well haha yea it was really weird in the rain tho cuz it made my hair soooooo soft an it wasnt cool when it was wet but it is now ugh i love it but yea it kinda sucked cuz i couldnt play in it. haha omg i swear i should never wear white again an it wont rain cuz i have a white undershit on but my t shirt is really thin an so is my sweater ugh is was FREEZING!!!!!! neways we had group today right? ugh i cant say what we talked about or who said what but i can say that i felt like a flipping whore saying all the shit i did but i guess i have to get used to letting everything out cuz thats gonna have to happen when i go to my shrink in...... a week? yea a week neways im pissed at nathan he didnt email me this morning way to make my day worse! ugh w/e doesnt matter. JOSH GO AWAY! sorry neways my hair is too soft mfer oooo i didnt say that ok g2g before i get in more trouble later haters! (nathan that is my flipping sign off closing thing its mine an melissas so back off buddy!)

[User Picture]From: monotas2000
2005-05-12 09:14 pm (UTC)
wow, u have a shrink too? that's fucked up
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